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How DnD inspired our first business project

Purple star dust

We are major lovers of game nights with friends and had always talked about trying out new games and finding new ways to spending time together. There were many hours spent playing Betrayal at House on The Hill, Dead of Winter, and Eldritch Horror – to name just a few. We also love going to local game stores and seeing all of the new games and talking with fellow games lovers about what’s coming out. This love of games and finding new ones lead us to a Youtube channel called Geek and Sundry and a show called – Tabletop where we learned about so many fun games, in fact that was how we got introduced to Dead of Winter! Youtube, being Youtube eventually recommended this thing called Critical Role, a livesteam series of people playing Dungeons and Dragons – sometimes the internet recommendations actually can be helpful!

The DnD Crew!

We had heard of Dungeons and Dragons, DnD, before – in fact Megan’s father has been playing for a long time, has some of the first edition books, and a patent on a elevation indicator for playing DnD. We have always had a love of fantasy and storytelling, so getting into DnD was such a natural thing for us. The narrative driven stories, the creativity and freedom that comes with creating characters, creating a world, and the pure joy of being with friends through that journey is something that we absolutely love and has kept us playing for four plus years.


So how did we go from board games, to DnD, to a Laser Engraving project that turned into a business? It wasn’t exactly a linear path, well the games to DnD was but the laser, to project, to business wasn’t. Youtube inspired me to build a laser and have fun, our love of DnD and me pushing my wife to use her talent inspired DnD themed coasters for each class, and seeing her art become a product and have friends want it inspired the idea of making a business – Mad Hatter Designs. 


We launched our Etsy store – in fact our DnD coasters are there and available – and Facebook, Instagram, and the Website to follow! Joining the Saint Cloud Chamber of Commerce, teaming up with Eyecon, and continually finding ways to include our love of games and creating unique, lasting, and useable things for people have kept us going and kept us inspired.




If you are looking for a gift with a premium price tag and materials check out our blog “What are some of the best gifts I can get for my partner?”

Thanks for reading!

Patrick Schmitz

Owner of Mad Hatter Designs LLC

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