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What are some of the best gifts I can get for my partner?

Purple star dust

The question everyone has on their mind during the holiday season. The following list goes over laser engraved gifts as they tend to give the client a custom and personalized product. Each gift is premium in nature and built to last years if not decades. Due to the labor, materials, and expertise needed for these types of projects the price tag will also be on the premium side.

Black granite coaster with "love you mom" and a horse engraved on it1. Granite slabs

The tried-and-true long-lasting gift. Nothing beats granite for its premium look and feel. The grain structure, and color of the granite will affect the final engraving tremendously. We recommend speaking with your local laser engraver for types of granite to look for to meet your specific project. 

butterfly shaped sign with flowers and "Kimberly Sue Yandell Aug. 14,1959 - Sep 7, 2021"2. Memorial Piece

These gifts are generally a one-of-a-kind piece. Hand crafted and made with expertise. Made from wood, leather, stone, or glass they definitely catch the eye of loved ones and tend to be hold onto for years.

3. Wooden Signs

Last but not least the humble wooden sign. So why is this on the list of unique and pricier items you ask? Simply due to the type of wood, size of engraving, and finish needed for your specific project. The picture below is a natural cut slab of red cedar and is 1×3 feet in size and approximately 2 inches thick. These signs make for ideal gifts to loved ones who enjoy nature and are looking for a custom piece of nature in their homes. Side note, engraving natural wood gives you the wonderful campfire smell which lasts on the wood for some time.


wooden sign with trees, loons, deer and "the Ramlers engraved on it


So, this is our quick list of premium items for your special loved ones. Most items on this list start at $100 and go up from there. Quantity can also play a big part in the overall cost per item. We always recommend speaking to your local laser guy about their timeframe and getting a quote for the work. These types of projects may take a few days to a few weeks depending on the materials and workload involved.

If you have any questions or would like to get a quote from us, send me an email at 

Thank you for reading our blog. For more ideas check out our blog on “how to choose the perfect holiday gift someone will actually use.” 

Happy Holidays!

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