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Hello! We are Patrick & Megan Schmitz.

We are the proud owners of Mad Hatter Designs, and are a family-owned business operating in Saint Cloud, MN.

Our business started off like several others… By watching a YouTube video. I came across a video of a CNC laser engraving several materials and decided to get my own cheap little laser.

After a few months and several projects for the family and friends we decided to start our own business. Just like that Mad Hatter Designs was born. We decided on Mad Hatter Designs because we wanted to stay true to ourselves.

Black YETI 20 oz tumbler with Mad Hatter logo engraved on it.
square purple light up sign with Mad Hatter logo engraved on it
wood textured leather key chain with the Mad Hatter logo engraved on it
Mad Hatter Design Laser Equipment
Inside of Mad Hatter Laser Equipment

Around November 2021,
I decided we needed an upgrade.

Our little laser was doing a good job, but it was limited in its capabilities and reliability. We did some shopping around and decided we couldn’t justify spending $20,000+ for a commercial laser. So, I decided to do the next best thing, and design my own laser.

After some research, head scratches, more research, and a little persuasion with a hammer it finally came together. We build a 90-watt CO2 laser that’s capable of engraving a 3x4ft space at one time.

We are able to engrave materials such as wood, slate, granite, glass, acrylic, rubber, silicone, and leather.

We decided to build our own laser for a few reasons.

First off, its much cheaper initially and in the long run. Since we designed and built the laser, we are able to maintain and fix it without having a technician come out. We also designed the machine with off the shelf components. There is no proprietary equipment or software in our machine so we can order parts easily and quickly if needed.

So, what does our future look like and
why are we doing this?

So, what does our future look like and why are we doing this?

Our plan in the long run is to be able to work from home. We have a 2-year-old and it would be nice to spend more time with him. Working from home would allow me to enjoy more of the little moments in life. We plan on going full time with the business this year and continuing to grow our client base. This will allow us to build up our local community in multiple ways.

With a background working for the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office as a Correctional Officer I have built up several connections over the years and I would like to continue building upon those connections to hopefully make a difference in our community by creating art, fundraisers, and helping charities.

Patrick and Megan Schmith with their baby

Patrick & Megan Schmitz



Patrick & Megan Schmitz

Megan and I love to create. Laser engraving gives us the option to leave a permanent mark on a material or project which can be enjoyed by others for years to come. Also watching the laser do its thing is so satisfying.

Thank you so much for checking us out seeing what we are able to do!

And remember…it’s okay to be a little mad!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
    • We are able to engraving several materials such as wood, granite, acrylic, slate, leather, silicone, rubber, and glass. We are able to cut through wood, acrylic, leather, silicone, and rubber without much issue with our CO2 laser.
    • The Galvo Fiber laser is able to engrave all metals and cut thinner metals such as aluminum sheets. 
    • Both lasers are able to engrave round objects with our rotary machine. 
    • We designed and built our CO2 laser to engrave just shy of 3×4 feet at once. Our laser bed is also adjustable up to 1 foot in depth.
    • The Fiber laser is able to engrave up to 1×1 foot at a time.

Laser engraving machines are built to do the same task or job multiple times. Depending on the project and/or materials we need to create jigs, calibrate the laser, create one or more sample pieces, and complete design work on the computer. We price our products/services to match the general time needed for specific types of orders. We have and will complete “one off” orders if requested. Please send us an email for a quote.

Due to the nature of custom laser engraving we aren’t able to give a blanket price on some materials such as tumblers. Things such as complex engravings, engraving both sides of a material, extra computer design time, and requested finishes can change the amount of labor/cost of a project. We give an average on our website so our clients have an idea of what a general engraving will cost depending on material/product. We always recommend reaching out to us about your project so we can create a quote for you.

Generally, if we have the material on hand its around 1 week. If we need to order the materials then its 2 sometimes 3 weeks. Of course, some variables can change this turnaround time such as a large bulk order, or needing a specialized material but overall, we aim for 1-2 weeks total. Generally the longer time quotes are due to shipping times for us to receive the materials.

Yes, you can. We recommend bringing an extra unit or two for testing purposes. We take pride in our work and want to create the best engraving for your project. We may need to test different speeds, power levels, and laser focal distances to give you the best end product.

Depending on the project yes. Both lasers use software which work in grayscale colors. The design time varies between projects and can/will be quoted if you would like us to design artwork for you.

Most files work with our software including PDF, JPEG and PNG. We recommend if able an SVG also known as a vector file works best for detail work. The software we use will convert your files into an SVG file. Color artwork or logos are also okay. It will be converted to black and white for the lasers to work properly.

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